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Davy Wreck is a Multidisciplinary Artist,
Skilled Techno Electro Break DJ, Music Producer,
Breakdancer, and Designer.

Okeechobee Fest Recap

My Latest Release


Who is Davy Wreck?

Davy Wreck is a Multidisciplinary Artist based in NYC who specializes in Music Production, DJ, Dance, and Design.


Davy Wreck was born from an African American Mother and Japanese American Father exposing him to a very diverse upbringing. A Virginia native now residing in NYC, Davy grew up as a child in the Hip-Hop Culture living all over the east coast, midwest, and south which complement his musical range & cultural background. His sexy high energy DJ sets and upbeat music production are a reflection of his bright personality and will guarantee to get the body moving.


Davy considers himself an Electronic Artists specializing in anything that makes the body move since he is also an award winning Breakdancer ([NDS] National Dance Society).

When Davy is not making music you can find him dancing, snowboarding, designing product, or creating digital art. He's constantly pushing himself, others, and the boundaries of whatever he's involved with.



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