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Davy Wreck is a Multidisciplinary Artist,
Skilled Techno Electro Break DJ, Music Producer,
Breakdancer, and Designer.

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Okeechobee Fest Recap

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Who is Davy Wreck?

Davy Wreck, a vibrant NYC-based artist, embodies the spirit of a Renaissance man, fusing 10+ years of DJ, production, and breakdancing to create a body-moving experience. Born in Virginia and shaped by a journey across the US (Midwest, East Coast, and South) his exposure to nightclubs and electronic music at a young age set the stage for his versatile sound. Davy's unique background, combining Black and Japanese heritage, shapes his dynamic, upbeat, and soulful style. After graduating College he moved to NYC to pursue his dreams of working in Tech and Electronic Music which he is doing today! Davy's genre-bending sound has graced venues and events across the U.S., Europe, and Japan, culminating in his festival debut at Okeechobee Music Festival in 2023 showcasing his versatility in House, Techno, and DnB. Now focusing on Electro, Techno, Bass, and Breaks, Davy Wreck anticipates a compelling lineup of music releases for 2024.



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